How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from LG V40 ThinQ?

LG's V40 comes at a time when LG is in desperate need of rest. After the V30, V35 and G7 both overwhelmed the door with unforgivable smashing and semi-baking functions, LG returned to the well with V40. You don't know, LG is finally right. With the changes in screens, cameras and designs, the V40 solved every problem of my predecessors early. Whether it's a strong sales or any continued success remains to be seen, but the V40 is a phone that can withstand Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Pixel 3 XL and even iPhone XS Max. The five-camera system you've heard of has provided a huge boost to the G7 without introducing too many gimmicks. The OLED display has made a huge leap on the V30 screen.

In fact, it's hard to imagine that LG can improve too much on the V40. In addition to displaying fingerprint sensors or folding screens, LG has turned small improvements into a huge change. The V40 may become the competitive autumn field in October. If only it doesn't cost $900. To see the V40, it is easy to mistake it for the G7 at first sight or even second. But putting them together, the difference is obvious. The V40's screen is quite large at 6.4 inches, compared to 6.1 inches on the G7, so the frame is naturally larger at 158.8 x 75.7 mm and 53.2 x 71.9 mm at G7.

Are you also get this LG V40 as your new handset? No doubt, LG V40 ThinQ is an outstanding mobile. However, even if the best phone, also can not avoid the data loss. So, how to recover deleted data from LG V40 ThinQ? In fact, you just need the LG Data Recovery.

LG Data Recovery tool, which allows one click to directly restore lost and deleted data including contacts, sms, photos, videos, audios and more from any LG devices.

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