How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus

"How can I restore my contacts which accidently deleted from my iPhone 6S Plus, among them, including many of my suppliers, they are very important to me, any way to get back? help please!!!!!" - Ask by M.T.Boy.

I dare say that everyone has a mobile phone. And in this era of high speed development, we will have many routine chores, which promotes us to contact with others person. But I also dare to say that most people have tried to lost their contacts in their phone carelessly. How terrible nightmare it is!

So how do we deal with this problem of restoring deleted data from iPhone? Now, the question is solved by our software which is named iPhone Contacts Recovery. iPhone Data Recovery is an all-in-one and secure iPhone, iPad and iPod touch data recovery program which can easily scan and restore your lost and deleted data like contacts, SMS and more in three simple ways: Directly restore from iPhone, recover from iTunes backup, or recover from iCloud backup.

Well, let me tell you some step to recover lost contacts from iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Here are two preconditions before you use this software. One is you need to have your iPhone in hand, and it's in normal use. The other one is download the iPhone Data Recovery.


Steps to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus

Step 1. Connect and Scan Your iPhone 

First of all, install and run the iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. Then you will see the main interface, now connect your iPhone to your computer, by default, the program will perform the first mode - "Recover from iOS Device".

When your iPhone is detected, you are allowed to select the file types that you want to recovered, just choose those what you need, and click on the "Start Scan" button to let the software to scan your iPhone for the deleted content.

Step 2. Preview and Recover Your iPhone Contacts

After the scanning, you can see all found data including your previous deleted contacts. Please choose contacts to preview, make sure they are the contacts you wanted. Then mark it and click "Recover" to get them all back. You can choose to restore them to your iPhone directly, or save them to your computer as well.

Now, you can query your contacts list and find them back. Don't need to worry about the occurrence of this nightmare! In addition, extracting iTunes backup or iCloud backup also can be used to restore your iPhone contacts data.

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