How to Recover Deleted Audio from Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

To some customers, they are demanding in audio quality of a smart phone. It is common today that people, especially young people, use smart phone to download songs from internet, record songs or voice, and mostly listen to music.
High-quality sound of the audios and enough storage space for audios are the advantages of Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.

The audios saved on your phone may be your favorite songs, self-made audios and other format sound. Whatever, they are important part of your phone. So, once you lost all audios data from your phone, I believe you will be very upset. You may want to recover deleted data immediately, so I introduce Galaxy S7 Recovery, the best data Android recovery software in recovery software market.

Galaxy S7 Recovery, with mighty and efficient recovery feature, is always popular among Android system smart phone users. It can recover audios, photos, videos, contacts, messaging, call logs and more. Besides it powerful capability, it is also compatible with 6000+ Android devices.

Well, it’s high time experienced the power of Galaxy S7 Recovery and made friend with it.


Steps to Recover Deleted Audio from Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Step 1. Connect Galaxy S7/S7 Edge to the Computer

Search Galaxy S7 Recovery in the software market and install it on the computer. And then, connect your device to the computer.

Step 2. Check and Enable USB Debugging

When your phone can not be recognized, you should check and enable USB debugging. If everything works normally, you can skip the step and go on.

Step 3. Select Audio to Scan

In this part, your device is detected completely, you can check lost files from your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. And you need to select lost audio to scan. You can also choose other files you need to scan.

Step 4. Allow to Analyze and Scan Deleted Audio

Before analyzing, there are two modes you need to select, “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode”. We advise you choose “Standard Mode” first. If this kind of mode doesn’t fit your device, you can choose “Advanced Mode” to continue recovery process.

Choose right mode, and then click “Start” button to begin analyzing and scanning.

Attentions: Enable the battery power of your phone is more than 20%, do not open any other programs when Galaxy Data Recovery is working for you, being patient.

Step 5. Preview and Regain the Deleted Audio from Your Device

After fourth step, you can preview all audios data from your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. In this time, you may find the deleted audios and existing audios showed simultaneously. In order to avoid repeated audios, you need to select deleted audios and press “Recover” button to save it on the computer.

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