How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from OPPO R15

Recently, an OPPO official weibo post released a poster showing OPPO's new flagship, OPPO R15, with a full-screen design, called a full screen. OPPO R15 adopted OPPO patent "super" full screen view of design, can be seen above positive R15 camera and sensor area, on both sides of the border is extremely narrow, slightly wide at the bottom of the frame, from the perspective of screen accounted is superior to most of the full screen of mobile phone on the market. OPPO R15 USES a full screen of OLED COP, the same as the iPhone X, while also reducing the bottom border to a greater extent and keeping the left and bottom borders nearly equal to each other. Double - sided glass design, with three colors: star violet, Snow White, hot red. OPPO R15 starting Sony IMX519 sensor, the realization of 16 million pixels, the size of 1/2.6 of an inch, a single pixel area from 1.12 to 1.12 microns, 18.7% performance increase, full size sampling frame rate increase 100%, support 60 FPS, camera phones in the speed and clarity. 

OPPO R15 can be so attractive in the face of competition from so many electronics. This has to allow me to recognize its performance! In fact, the people who recognize it are not only me, but also the vast majority of consumers. This can be seen from its sales. But many consumers pay more attention to the problem is that mobile phone data problems. Because most mobile phone data is always inadvertently lost or deleted. It is simply to be understood that that same problem will not occur with the OPPO R15. In fact, every cell phone does not randomly delete data, after all, the loss and deletion of data is our own responsibility. If you don't want to worry about the data on your phone, I can refer you to a piece of software.

The powerful software I recommend is called Android Data Recovery. The software can restore the deleted data from your phone. It is the best tool to recover deleted data, suitable for Windows 10/8/7 and macOS Sierra/macOS systems, in addition, Android Data Recovery and other practical function. For example, it supports a large number of mobile phone and a large amount of data. Whether it's messages, video, audio, documents, or phone records, it can complete the recovery process within minutes. This is also the restore the function of data at a high speed. With just a few minutes, you can easily click and your data will be restored. Is it true that that data can be recover after a few minute? Are the recovered data intact? I can assure you. 100% guarantee your data integrity. At the same time, in the process, your data will not be disclosed or missing. In fact, this Android data manager will only read your phone data. In other words, you are the only one who can accept it. This means that you will get perfect privacy protection.

In the face of such strong software, are you eager to restore your lost data? Don't worry, please follow my steps to recover lost data from OPPO R15 by using this tool.


Directly Restore Lost and Deleted Data from OPPO R15

Step 1. Use a USB cable to connect your computer and OPPO R15. Also, download and run Android Data Recovery on your computer. Then you select "Android data recovery", which automatically detects your Android phone.

If the software does not detect your cell phone, you will have to enable the USB debug mode on your cell phone until it detects your OPPO R15.

Step 2. When you find your OPPO R15, the computer screen pops up. You just have to choose the data you want to recover. For example, if you want to restore a deleted message, you can click on "Message". Click "Next" to start scanning your phone data.

Then you can see a window. In the process of scanning, your phone will automatically have the software. If you haven't found your OPPO R15 yet, you must use "ROOT" or your own manual ROOT Android phone. But usually you can find your mobile phone!

Step 3. Once the scan is complete, you can click to message to view detailed information on the right side of the window. Choose to restore the application information, click the "Recover", data will be saved to your mobile phone. In addition, during recovery, you should keep your cell phone and your PC powered on, otherwise you will fail.

So, the recovery method has been introduced, so does it feel like it's easy to do? If you don't want to worry about the data for your OPPO R15, you'll have to have it for it! Similarly, do you still hesitate to purchase OPPO R15? Ha ha, hurry up to also order one for yourself.

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