How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Mi MIX 2

The sale of Mi MIX 2 has been around for some time. It's the second generation of full screen phones that Mi tech launched in the afternoon of September 11, 2017 in Beijing. With a 5.99 inch screen, it has the same feel as a 5.5-inch traditional 16:9 handset. Mi MIX 2 adopted four surface of ceramic body, the camera ring are all made of 18 k gold plated, fuselage frame part adopts the 7 series aluminum quality. At the same time, it also adopted a new generation of round Angle screen to improve the problem that the former users reflected. The Mi MIX 2 adopted the same master plan as the previous Mi 6, with the highly acclaimed SONY IMX386 lens module, 12 megapixels, the size of the unit pixel to 1.25mm, and the four-axis optical anti-shake technology. Mi MIX 2 is equipped with the qualcomm snapdragon 835 nuclear mobile platform, with 6GB / 8GB of running memory, and the fuselage storage is 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. And then we'll have the $12 megapixel camera, which supports the four-axis optical shock, and the rear battery, 3400 milliamps. 

Believe that most users have Mi MIX 2 for some time. So there is the problem of data loss. It's all because the new phone owner accidentally deleted the data from the phone without being familiar with Mi MIX 2, and that's a series of data loss problems. But now you can rest assured that I have found a solution. I have a powerful piece of software called Android Data Recovery. Don't worry, I say this software is absolutely reliable! If you don't believe me, can you spare me a few minutes to listen to me to introduce this software.

Android Data Recovery can restore all data that was removed from the cell phone. For example, text messages, contacts, phone records and documents. Even including mobile phones, music, video and WhatsApp. Everything can be restored. It can also restore the data of various kinds of mobile phone system. For example, Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Sony and so on. Moreover, the process of restoring data won't take up much of your time. With so many features, how hard would it be to worry about it? Actually, you don't have to worry about that. Let me tell you how it works. You don't have to worry about losing important information as long as you do simple things, because you can get back the lost data.

Then I will use Mi MIX 2 as the description object to introduce the method of how to recover lost data from Mi MIX 2. I hope you can see how it works.


Directly Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Mi MIX 2

Step 1: Install and run Android Data Recovery. Then put your Mi MIX 2 and computer connect the USB cable. The screen should have a notification that lets you get a USB debugging. You need to click "Allow". It then has that privilege to access the portable device connect to Mi MIX 2. If you do not see the notification USB debug, you can activate it manually.

Step 2: When your Mi MIX 2 has been successfully tested, you'll be asked to choose the type of file you want to recover, like the phone photos, and then click the "Next" button. Android Data Recovery will scan your data quickly.

In this step, it checks your device information and then tries to get the "Root" permission. When the following window appears, please go to your phone, and click "Allow" to make sure that the root request is accepted. Once the program is authorized to give you the equipment, it will trigger your file scan process.

Step 3: After the scan, and all the items you select, list the left module. Select each specific type of file, and you can find the detailed files you want to recover, and the files will be detailed in the interface. You can switch the option "only show deleted items" to delete files from the Android only. After selection, click the "Recover" button and deleting files will immediately restore and saved on your computer.

As long as you follow the steps above, you don't have to worry about Mi MIX 2 data loss problem. This powerful software Android Data Recovery and the powerful phone Mi MIX 2, you are worth it.

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