How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from OPPO R11s/R11s Plus

OPPO R11s uses the proportion and full screen, 6.01 inch screen, 5.5 -inch touch. In addition, the R11s are using the original "star screen" design on the red version, and the tween screens and the red metal fuselage are matched, and the phone looks even more pure. OPPO R11s also has a new ColorOS 3.2 system, and AI's smart album can create a user's exclusive photo album, and can find the photos that you want more quickly. And unique album storage optimization function is to reduce a lot of photos of local storage usage. OPPO R11s will take a new 20 million plus 16 million zs, a double f/1.7, an automatic recognition of light conditions and a smart switch to the main camera, which is clear during the day and night.

People have been saying they've been in big trouble lately. It's just that your phone is always accidentally deleting data files. So everyone became very upset! Let me introduce you to a piece of software. Because it can help you to solve the problem of a series of data loss. Simply speaking, it can help you find you delete the software. Yes, that's right! It is so powerful!

It's called Android Data Recovery. The software can recover deleted and lost data from almost all brands of Android mobile phones, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Google, Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, etc., it is the best tool to recover deleted data. In addition, the Android Data Recovery has other practical functions. For example, it supports a large number of mobile phones and a lot of data. Whether it is contacts, video, audio, photos, call logs, SMS or the WhatsApp messages, it can be done in a few minutes the recovery process. This is also the function of its high-speed recovery data. It only takes a few minutes to easily click, and your data will be restored. You might ask, did the data come back in a few minutes? Is it complete? I can assure you. 100% guarantee your data integrity. In the process, your data will not be leaked or lost. In fact, the Android data connection manager will only read your mobile phone. In other words, you're the only one who can accept it. It means your privacy will be perfectly protected.

With all that said, you should be interested in it! Let me introduce the software usage, you only need to do as I tell you the steps, you can easily solve the problem of your data. Let me take OPPO R11s/OPPO R11s Plus as an example, to show how to recover lost data from OPPO R11s/R11s Plus by using this tool.


Directly Restore Deleted and Lost Data from OPPO R11s/R11s Plus

Step 1: Install and run Android Data Recovery. And then connect your OPPO R11s or OPPO R11s Plus to the laptop.

Step 2: Then the screen should have a notice, let you to enable the USB debugging on your phone. You need to click "allow". Then, the computer has access to connect to the Android file the privilege of portable devices. If you do not see the notification USB debug, you can activate it manually.

Step 3: When your OPPO R11s/OPPO R11s Plus is successfully detected, you will be asked to choose the types of file you want to recover, just do it and then click on "next" button.

The program will quickly scan your data. In this step, the Android data recovery checks your device information and then attempts to obtain root permissions. When the following window occurs, please go to your phone and click "allow/approve/authorize" to ensure that the root request is accepted. Once the program is licensed to your device, it will trigger your Android scan process.

Step 4: After the scan, and all the items you select, list the left module. Select each specific file type, and you can find detailed android files that will be displayed in detail in the interface. You can switch option "show only delete item (s)" just delete the files from OPPO R11s/OPPO R11s Plus. After your choice, click the "Recover" button, and the delete file will be immediately restored and stored on your machine.

Finally, in the process, please patience to wait for the OPPO R11s/OPPO R11s Plus file recovery. You'd better not use or disconnect device.

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