How to Recover Deleted and Lost Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Huawei has been focusing on selling more higher-end smartphones and it gained more and more fans during recent years. Its latest phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is highly praised as the top 20 popular phones in 2017. However, lots of Samsung users may neglect the fact that data stored on phone may get lost no matter how excellent the smart phone is. And many of them lost their data and came to us for help

Now living standard is getting better and better, we like to use the camera to record our life. More than just taking pictures, video has become a new hobby for many people. But as more and more mobile phone file, some photos and video files will inevitably be accidentally deleted, when find the situation we are often too late for regrets. I accidentally lost precious photos in my Galaxy Note 8, what should I do to recover deleted photos from Samsung Note 8 if without backup?

Android Data Recovery is a highly efficient data recovery software, using the software can very well for you to recover data due to various reasons, including accidentally deleted files, lost data after factory restore, device stuck and not responding, device locked or forgotten password and so on.

If you are in a situation that data is lost, I recommend that you use the Android Data Recovery. In general, as long as the data is not completely deleted by eraser software, data can be fully restored with the software.


Steps to Recover Deleted & Lost Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Step 1. Connect your phone to your computer

Launch Android Data Recovery on your computer, select "Data Recovery", than use the USB cable to connect your Note 8 to your computer. In addition, you need to start USB debugging on your phone before you connect. If you do not start, your phone will pop up a window to remind you.

Step 2. Choose Needed File Types to Scan

After first step, you can see all file types from your phone on the interface. Please select the options you need and press “Next” button to enter the scan process.

Step 3. Analyze and Scan Deleted Data

Click "Start" button to allow Android Data Recovery to begin analyzing and scanning your device. In the meantime, you have to choose a scan mode for your device. There are two scanning mode "Standard Mode" and "Advanced Mode". Please try "Standard Mode" first. If "Standard Mode" fails to work on your device, you can choose "Advance Mode".

Notes: Make sure the battery of your phone is more than 20%. If you meet a Superuser authorization appearing during the scan, please type "Allow" to confirm it.

Step 4. Preview and Restore Deleted Data from Galaxy Note 8

On the new window, you can check all found existing and deleted data from your Galaxy Note 8. Select the items that you want to restore and click “Recover”button to recover them. Then the selected items will be save on your computer.

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