Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

WhatsApp has been popular, and it is understood that more than one billion people worldwide use WhatsApp, involving more than 180 countries. Compared with other communication software, it has the characteristics of simplicity, safety and reliability. It allows people to have fast, simple, safe and free information and call experiences all over the world.

I also installed WhatsApp on my iPhone. With the support of WhatsApp, I can make free voice calls and video calls with foreign friends. In addition, WhatsAPP has certain security, and it adds end to end encryption technology. Under the protection of this technology, our messages and calls are secured so only you and the person you're communicating with can read or listen to them. Gradually, WhatsApp has become one of the indispensable software in my iPhone.

Recently, as my iPhone screen is broken, I'm going to buy a new phone. The Samsung Note 8 seems pretty good. For Samsung Note 8, I am worried about whether the old iPhone WhatsApp messages can be transferred to Samsung Note 8. What should I do to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Samsung Note 8 if this is possible?

I recommend you to use dr.fone toolkit - WhatsApp Messages Transfer. When you use it, you can handle WhatsApp Messages on your phone very well. It supports your transfer, backup, and restore WhatsApp Messages. iOS WhatsApp Messages can be transferred to another iOS or Android device, and this process is effortless. In addition, it is compatible with the latest iOS and Android systems, so the latest Samsung Note 8 will also be able to use it. Its security is also commendable, the intuitive operating interface will not pop any ads, and the phone's data will not be leaked or lost.

Preparation: Download and install dr.fone toolkit on your computer. Also, prepare two USB lines to connect to your phones.


Steps to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Note 8 to your computer

After launch dr.fone toolkit on your computer, select "Backup & Restore WhatsApp" option from the toolkit. Next, you should click "Transfer WhatsApp messages".

Then, use the USB line to connect your iPhone and Samsung Note 8 to your computer. At this point, the program will automatically recognize your mobile phones.

Step 2. Begin to transfer WhatsApp messages

Now, click "Transfer" to start the transfer of WhatsApp messages. Before the official transfer, you need to click "Yes" to delete the existing WhatsApp messages in the iPhone. After you click "Yes", you can move on to the next step.

Step 3. Wait until the WhatsApp message transfer is complete

At this point, the WhatsApp message in iPhone begins to move to Samsung Note 8. In the process, remember not to interrupt the connection between the phones and the computer. When all WhatsApp message is transferred successfully, the program displays "Transfer completed".

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