How to Recover Deleted Data from OPPO F1/F1s/F1 Plus/F3/F3 Plus

When you buy an OPPO F3/F3 Plus, you must be excited. Then, the freshness of these phones will decrease as time goes by. Moreover, there is no doubt that phone with the longer run and the machine performance will decline. That's why we regularly delete phone data. The data on the phone is often the key to slow phone.

Have you ever experienced deleting some important data while deleting the phone data? This accident is very common. I remember one time I accidentally deleted the pictures from my OPPO F3, which gave me a big blow. But fortunately, I restored the deleted photos by Android Data Recovery.

In fact, Android Data Recovery is a very simple request to restore the deleted data in the phone. Because Android Data Recovery can help you. Is the recovery process complicated? It is simple, you can recover the deleted data only by a few steps, and it takes only a few minutes. Can it only recover deleted data? It can recover deleted data, but also recover the lost data due to phone upgrades, system crashes, etc.. Almost everything is recoverable. In addition, it can restore text messages, photos, music, video, contacts, audio and other data, which can fully meet your needs. This is a software created for Android device, almost all of the Android phone can use it. So, you can easily to recover deleted data on OPPO F1/F1s/F1 Plus/F3/F3 Plus by using this tool.

The following is a detailed explanation of the steps, please read carefully.


Steps to Recover Deleted Data from OPPO F1/F1s/F1 Plus/F3/F3 Plus

Step 1. Connect your OPPO phone and computer

First you have to download and install the software on your computer. Then use a USB cable to connect your OPPO F1/F1s/F1 Plus/F3/F3 Plus and computer, at the same time, run the software and select Data Recovery among all the toolkits.

Note: If your Android os version is 4.2.2 or above, there will be a pop up message on your OPPO F1/F1s/F1 Plus/F3/F3 Plus, tap on OK to allow USB debugging.

Step 2. Select file types to scan

After the connection is successful, the screen will display all the data types that can be restored. Choose what you want, then select "Next".

Step 3. Scan device to find deleted data

Select one scanning mode that matches your device. There are two mode you can choose,“Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode”. We advise you choose “Standard Mode” first. However, If you can't find what you want,select the “Advanced Mode”. After that, click on “Start” to scan your OPPO F1/F1s/F1 Plus/F3/F3 Plus.

Note: There might be a Superuser authorization appearing on your device during the scan. If you get it, click "Allow" to continue.

Step 4. Preview and recover deleted data on OPPO F1/F1s/F1 Plus/F3/F3 Plus

When the scan is finished, all the scanning result will be listed in different categories, you can preview the details on the right side. At the same time, select those what you like, and click on "Recover" to save them on your computer.

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