How to Recover Data from Samsung with Broken Screen

What a crashing thing when Samsung phone screen is breaking. In a variety of scenes, our Samsung phones are likely to encounter the situation of broken screen. It's really unavoidable, even if people add a toughened protective film for Samsung phone. The screen is fragile, and it still can't withstand falling. And when Samsung phone's screen is broken, what can we do? There are probably two ways we can do that: fix the screen or buy a new phone. There is no doubt that people are often willing to buy a new phone. Because the price of the fix screen is too high. But a lot of data is stored in broken Samsung phones, which has an impact on our lives. How can we obtain these data?

You can use Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Data Extraction (Damaged Device) to extract and recover data from your broken Samsung phone. It is called "World's 1st data retrieval software for broken Android devices". Therefore, people can use the software to extract data from phones, for example, Messages, Photos, Video, Audio, WhatsApp, Documents, Call History. At the same time, the software is compatible with all kinds of Samsung devices. Moreover, its step is simple. You can also preview data from your phone to achieve the goal of selectively restoring data. What's more, the software has high security and no data kept or leaked.

Next, please free download the software here, and follow our tutorial to recover data from Samsung with broken screen.


One Click to Recover Data from Samsung with Broken Screen

Step 1. Run the program and connect Samsung phone

Firstly, you need to download Dr.fone toolkit for Android on your computer. After you install it, run it. At the same time, connect your Samsung phone to your computer via a USB line. Next, click "Data Extraction (Damaged Device)" from all the tools.

Step 2. Choose the data types you want to recover

In the new window, please check the file type according to your needs. By default, all types are checked. You can uncheck files that you don't need. Then click "Next".

Step 3. Select the fault type which matches your situation

Next, you'll see two phones on the main screen. They represent two types of faults, respectively, Touch does not work or cannot access the phone, and Black/broken screen. Please match your phone with a type and click on it. Then it will lead you to the next step.

Then on the new window, choose the correct "Device Name" and "Device Model" for your phone. Currently this function only works for some Samsung devices in Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab series. Then click on "Next".

Note: please make sure that your selection is correct. If the name and model you choose does not match your phone, this will lead to bricking your phone or any other errors. If the information is correct, key in Confirm and click on Confirm button..

Step 4. Enter Download Mode on the Samsung phone

Now, manually operate according to the instructions below. Your Samsung phone will go into download mode.

1. Power off the phone.
2. Press and hold Volume "-", "Home" and "Power" button on the phone.
3. Press "Volume +" button to enter download mode.

Step 5. Analyze your Samsung phone

When you enter the download mode, the program will automatically analyze the phone data and download the recovery package for you.

Step 6. Preview and recover data from your broken Samsung phone

After the analysis and scanning process, you will see all the data are displayed in the window. You can preview them one by one. When you find the file you need, check it and click "Recover".

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