How to Recover Deleted Photos Pictures from iPhone 7/7 Plus

A few months ago Apple released the latest iPhone 7 plus. I like it because of its super configuration, such as extremely sensitive fingerprint identification technology and iPhone specific 3D Touch technology. But I can only afford the cheapest version, its memory is only 32GB. It's not enough for me. My iPhone 7 Plus download a lot of APP, each indispensable, so the memory is not enough, the result is that I often clean up the memory space every week. The last time I cleaned up the junk files, I accidentally deleted the photos I needed. These photos are very important to me, so I want to get rid of them, but I have never tried to restore the file before, I do not know what I should do.

I know a software can help me recover deleted and lost photos. This software is iPhone Data Recovery, which is developed specifically for the iOS devices, so it is suitable for all Apple devices now used. Of course, including the latest iPhone 7 Plus. More importantly, the use of this software is very convenient, simple steps, and no damage to the phone. This software can not only restore the deleted data including contacts, videos, text messages, photos, call logs, voicemail, but also to restore the data loss caused by various reasons, such as system crashes, viruses, theft, etc.

First of all, you want to download and install the software on the computer, open the software at the same time do not open the iTunes, automatically shut down in advance of the iTunes. Next, we will show you how to directly recover deleted photos from iPhone 7/7 Plus.


Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone 7/7 Plus

Step 1. Use the data cable to connect your computer to your iPhone 7 Plus, and choose to trust this computer on the iPhone. Open the software, click "Data Recovery", select "Recover from iOS Device" option.

Step 2. Click start scan, the computer will scan your phone's existing data and deleted data, scanning time according to the number of data in your phone. If you find that the photo you want is present, you can click the pause button.

Step 3. When the scan is complete, you can see all the data in your phone. You can choose to display only the project "has been deleted, select the data type for the photos, so you can see all your deleted photos. At the same time you can also enter the keyword search box in the search for a specific file.

Step 4. After you find the photos you need, just tick in the previous check box and click "Reccover".Normally, the recovered photos will be saved on your computer.

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