How to Permanently Erase All Data from Samsung

I found that I really lucky. Today, I took part in a raffle at the mall, and I got the prize. The award is iPhone 7. And I'm going to buy a new phone, because my Samsung phone screen broken, I intend to sell it to the secondary market.
However, before selling the Samsung phone to the secondary market, I need to delete all the data in the phone. I know that the deleted data can be restored by professional software, which will be a great hidden danger. I only have to delete it permanently, I have to ensure that my privacy is not compromised, but what should I do?

Since the deleted phone data can be restored by the professional software, and then we should use professional software to delete the data.

Android Data Eraser is exactly what you need. It helps you permanently delete all the data on your phone. This is one of the most important features. The data can be deleted include photos, contacts, messages, call logs, etc.. Android Data Eraser can be applied to almost all Android devices, so it also applies to your Samsung phone. In addition, it has a high security, is a software you need to rely on. Next, let's show you how to permanently delete all data on Samsung by using this tool.


Steps to Permanently Erase All Data from Samsung Without Restore

Step 1. Run the Software and Connect Your Samsung Phone

First, download and install Android Data Eraser on your computer. After running it, find "Data Erase" from the main interface and click on it. Then, use the USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to your computer. And you should to open the USB debugging on your Samsung phone, otherwise, you will not be able to continue the next step.

Step 2 Start Erasing Your Samsung Phone

Next, when your Samsung phone is successfully connected to the computer, you need to click on the "Erase All Data", so that the program began to delete your phone data. Next, the program will enter the next window, you need to enter "delete" to confirm your operation, and then click "Erase Now". At this time, the program began to delete the phone data.

Step 3. Perform Factory Data Reset on Your Samsung Phone

When all the data is removed, the program will ask you to tap on Fatory Data Reset or Erase All Data on the phone. This will help you permanently delete data and settings on your phone. While the program shows "Erase Completed", your phone data has been permanently deleted.

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