How to Transfer Whatsapp Messages from iPhone to Samsung Note 7

Every year or every moment, we always need to have a paragraph or several phones to become the industry model of smart phones in terms of technology and advanced technology. This year, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 apparently is such a product. Many users also commented that the configuration of this mobile phone is particularly high.

Integrated a variety of reviews and reports, I decided to buy a Note 7.I now use the phone is iPhone 5S. I often use WhatsApp to keep in touch with my friends, family and colleagues. Now I want to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Note 7, what can I do?

iOS Data Recovery is the world's 1st iOS data recovery software, providing three sample ways to recover lost or deleted contacts, text messages, pictures, videos, notes, calendar, and much more. Of course, it also has the function of transfer. But now the data can be transferred is limited. But you don’t worry, it happens to meet your needs - the transfer of WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Note 7.


Steps to Directly Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Step 1. Run the Program and Select the Transfer Function

Please download iOS Data Recovery from the official website. Then install and run it. Next, you can find that there are four icons on the left for you to choose, please click on the fourth icon – More Tool. Then, select "iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore" option from the tool list.

Step 2. Connect Your iPhone and Samsung Note 7 to your PC

Please click on "Transfer WhatsApp Messages". Then, connect your phones to your PC with the USB line. After the connection, your iphone will be displayed on the left side, and the Note7 is displayed on the right. If not, please click "Flip" to change their postion. In addition, please install the latest iTunes version on your PC before this operation.

Step 3. Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Note 7

Now, you can click "Transfer" to transfer your Whatsapp data. Then, the program will pop up a window, you need to click on the "Yes", the transfer process can continue.

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