How to Recover iPhone Photos Videos after iOS 10 Upgrade

It is known to all that iPhone products and systems update very fast. Many people think iPhone is the best samrt phone in the market, and they are willing to chase all its newest products and systems. In fact, a phone company release a new sysytem, which means this system has some special and new functions and is worth of updating.

To get better serve from iPhone, many iPhone users must choose to update their phone system at once when iOS 10 system was produced. In some extent, update is a good thing. However, to some person who is unfamiliar with the iPhone system update, they mignt lose their data on th iPhone after updating system. This problem is common but easy to solve.

How to recover iPhone photos videos after iOS 10 upgrade? Some customers ask this question many times because they think it is difficult recovering their data. It isn't hard for these customers until they adopt a professional data recovery software to solve this problem. There are so many data recovery tool you can find on the Internet, but we sincerely recommend iOS Data Recovery to these customers.

Considered as the best iPhone iPad iPod data recovery software, iOS Data Recovery deserves your favor and compliments. It has three ways to recover iPhone data, such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs and more. It owns not only flexible recovery ways but also wide compatiblity. It can fit latest iPhone models, including iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and the upcoming iPhone 7 (Plus).


Steps to Recover Lost Photos Videos from iPhone after iOS 10 Upgrade

Step 1. Launch iOS Data Recovery on the PC

Download and install iOS Data Recovery on the PC. Run it properly and connect your iPhone via USB cable. Once your device is connected, iOS Data Recovery will detect your iPhone immediately. Then, please confirm “Recover from iOS Device”.

Note: Please close any other background App on your device before using this program.

Step 2. Scan the Lost Data from Your Device

After detecting,you can see the options of deleted data and existing data from your device on the window. Select "Photos" and "Videos". Then, please click “Start Scan” button begin scanning.

At the same time, you can press “Pause” button when you find the needed data of photos and videos is scanned.

By the way, please be patient because this process might costs you a few minutes.

Step 3. Preview the Found Data from Your Device

You can preview the found data of photos and videos in categories. There are both deleted and existing data.

Note: To distinguish the deleted data and existing flies, you can turn on the option of "Only display the deleted items", or search for a specific file by typing a keyword in the search box.

Step 4. Recover Data from Your iPhone Selectively

Select the items of needed photos and videos and click "Recover" button to keep the selected data on the PC.

Note: For messages, contacts, notes and more, you can also click on "Recover to Device" button to directly save them back to your iPhone. But generally, the program will automatically save the data on the PC.

In addition to directly restore data from your iPhone, you can also extract photos videos from iTunes backup, or extract photos videos from iCloud backup with the help of this iOS data recovery program.

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