How to Recover Lost Data from Android SD Card/Memory Card

The storage space in cell phone is limited. In order to insure your phone work smoothly, it is better to keep enough storage space on the local storage. Now, more and more people use SD card to expand the storage space.

They can store photos, videos, contacts, document and more in SD card. It make endless data storage come true. People always use it in work and entertainment, they rely on SD card mostly. So, when all data of SD card is deleted by mistake or the data of SD card is broken so it can be read. You may bother with that case because there are numerous data you need.
When this case happen, I recommend you a high-quality recovery software, Dr. Fone.

As a matter of fact, Android SD Recovery is the World's 1st Android smart phone and tablet recovery software. You don’t believe? Well, it owns highest recovery rate in the industry, can recover photos, videos, contacts, messaging, call logs, and more. Besides it powerful capability, it is also compatible with 6000+ Android devices and supports Android system smart products, which also means it is common and suitable for most customers.

Thus, Android SD Recovery is capable of recovering your lost data from Android SD card. Now, just have a try.


Steps to Recover Lost & Deleted Data from Android SD Card/Memory Card

Step 1. Launch Android SD Recovery and Connect Your SD Card to Computer

Download and install Android SD Recovery on the program and then start it. There are two ways to connect your SD card to computer. First one, Insert SD card into the card reader and connect card reader to the computer. Second one, insert SD card in your phone and connect your phone to the computer. You can select one for your convenience.

When your SD card is recognized by the software, you need to choose your SD card and click “ Next” to go on the recovery process.

Step 2. Select a Scan Mode to Scan your SD Card

After detecting, next operation is scanning.But before scanning, you need to make a choice between “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode”. In general, we advise you try “Standard Mode” first. If it doesn’t work, then select “Advanced Mode”. When select “Standard Mode” works, you need make another choice. In this time, you can choose scan all files or scan deleted flies.

After two choices, click “Next” and the scanning will beginning.

Step 3. Preview and Recover Lost Data from your SD Card

Waiting scanning over patiently, you can preview and check all lost data from your SD card. And then, click the data you want to recover. When you finish selection, press “Recover” button to save them on the computer.

Follow above steps, lost data from your Android SD card can be regain easily.

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