How to Fix iPhone iPad Stuck in White Screen/Black Screen

A while back, somebody set their iOS system device date into 1.1.1970, then their device all become a "brick", just can be used as a brick. That is to say their iPhone or iPad stuck in white screen/black screen. As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat.

In addition to the case just mentioned, our device also stuck in some other situations, like virus invasion, but most of time, we don't know how it happened. Average person generally don't know of fix for this, except some savvy people.

However, to be honest, everyone can fix your iPhone or iPad system from white screen and black screen. All you need just a software, iOS System Recovery. iOS System Recovery is a comprehensive functional recovery software, which can not only recover your lost or deleted data from your iPhone iPad, but also fix the abnormal iOS with a click. Next, I will teach you how to use this program to fix your iDevice making it return to normal.


Steps to Fix iPhone iPad Stuck in White Screen/Black Screen

Step 1. Connect your Device and Choose the mode

First of all, run iOS System Recovery and choose the fourth mode "More Tools", then connect your iPhone or iPad.

This time, select the one tool "Fix iOS to normal" on the right. When the program detects your device, click "Start" button.

Step 2. Select your iOS System and Download

To fix your abnormal system, the program will download a fireware for your device. Then iOS System Recovery will recognize your device and provide a latest iOS system version for you to download. You need to click the button "Download". If it fail to distinguish your iOS system, you can also select the right one by yourself. It will continue for a few minutes.

Step 3. Fix Your iOS System to Normal

After the download is finished, the program wil begin to repair your system automatically. It will show you a progress bar. when the progress reaches 100%, it will tell you your device system has been repaired to normal mode.

Though it's a simple way to repair your device system, I still hope that your iPhone or iPad is no need to fix it. However, if your device is stuck, I do believe this article can help you.

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