How to Backup WhatsApp Messages from iPhone iPad to Computer

Usually, our electronic products such as iPhone and iPad usually save many WhatsApp messages, some of these may be related to your work, some of these may be meaningful for you. In a word, they are very important. As a saying does, to repair the house before it rains. We should take action to keep our messages from mistaken delete.

As we know, not all of the messages are useful. Sometime we will clean up our messages record, including SMS and chat software logs. So, when we do this, if we deleted some important messages carelessly, it is no doubt that it is a hearttrending thing. Well, to avoid similar accident comes up, we can back up our messages data in advance. And this article will guide you how to do this through a software, iPhone iPad WhatsApp Transfer.

iPhone iPad WhatsApp Transfer enables you to backup your WhatsApp messages and attachments from iPhone iPad to your computer, and restore it to any supported iOS and Android devices selectively, with the help of this program, you can also directly transfer your WhatsApp data from iDevice to iDevice or Android Devices with ease.

Now, please free download a trial version and follow the steps below to have a try.


Steps to Backup WhatsApp Messages from iPhone iPad to Computer

Step 1. Install iPhone iPad WhatsApp Transfer and Connect Your Device

Please install this software first and run it. Then connect your device to computer.

Now you will see a window with 4 mode on the left, choose the last one "More Tools". This time, you can click "Backup WhatsApp messages" to start the first step of backup.

Step 2. Backup Your WhatsApp Data

This program can back up all kinds of WhatsApp data, of course also includes WhatsApp messages, chats, and attachments. When your device is detected, now please click the button "Backup" to go on.

Step 3. Preview the Data and Selectively Export

Once the backup is completed, you are allowed to view the backup file. The program will scan your device and make a list for your WhatsApp backup data, just choose the one you wanted.

After that, the program will extract all the data from the selected backup files, you can preview them one by one to make sure you can tick all important messages and attachments. Then click the button "Etract to PC" to save them to your computer.

Tip: Here you can also click on "Restore to device" to directly save them back to your iPhone or iPad.

How to feel that has an assurance for preventing operation error? Except data backup, iPhone iPad WhatsApp Transfer really can help you in many aspects, such as recovering your lost data from iDevices, and I think you would not regret to use it.

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