How to Fix a Bricked Samsung Galaxy S/Note/A/J/On/Tab

"I want to install a application on my Galaxy S6, but the software ask me to root my phone so as to successfully installed the software, I didn't think much, just did it. Unfortunately, after many times of restart, my phone got into bricked, I don't have any backup, how can I unbrick my Galaxy phone and save my data? Please help!!!!!!!!"

Most of the people don’t know what a bricked phone actually is. A bricked phone means - your phone won’t turn on at all. Get your phone into bricked? Can not launch your Android OS? You're stucked on your boot logo and your Samsung device just won't go into the phone's homescreen and or you have a custom ROM you can't get rid of as flashing an original firmware threwout Odin doesn't work. Well don't worry, my recovery tutorial is here!

To fix your bricked Samsung phone or tablet, or restore your any lost or deleted data on your Samsung devices, you just need a USB cable, a computer, and a recovery tool which is named Samsung Galaxy Recovery. As its name described, Samsung Galaxy Recovery enables you to recover data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, WhatsApp messages & attachments, call history and more from any of your Samsung smartphone and tablets, included the latest Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 6, Galaxy A9, etc. What's more, the program allows you to restore lost data from your bricked/broken/damaged Samsung devices, even from the SD cards of your devices. Besides, you can unlock your Samsung phone with a click.

Download the free trial version of this Samsung recovery software now:


Steps to Fix Your Bricked Samsung Galaxy S/Note/A/J/On/Tab

Step 1. Launch the Software and Connect Your Phone

After downloading the software, install and run it on your computer, when you see the primary interface, according to the direction of software, connect your Samsung device to your PC via USB cable.

Step 2. Choose the Recovery Mode

Once your device is recognized, choose "Android Broken Data Recovery" mode in the left column, then click on "fix my bricked phone" in the lower left corner and go on.

Step 3. Get Your Bricked Samsung Device into Download Mode

In the next pop-up window, you are allowed to select the phone fault type, just according to your phone's situation, choose one of them and move on.

Then the software will ask you get the phone into Download Mode manually. Please follow the below three steps to get your phone into download mode:

1. Power off the phone.
2. Press and hold the volume down + Home button + Power button.
3. Press the volume up to enter download mode.

Step 4. Detect Your Device and Restart It

Once your phone has entered the download mode, the program will automatically detect your device and show you the information of your Samsung, please click "Next".

Now, the program will according to your phone's model to download the recovery package for your Samsung device, to help you fix the phone automatically and return it to normal state. After the download is finished, your phone will restart as a normal one.

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